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Counselling in Bristol - Neil Kilburn


There are many reasons you may have found yourself here. You may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed by events in your life and the world, either recent or past. You may feel you are 'stuck' in patterns of sadness, worry or even despair, or you may feel disconnected and 'numbed' to the world or to those around you. You might be wondering why you seem to find yourself in the 'same situations' in your life, either in relation to yourself or to others. You may feel like you ‘can’t get it right' or feel like you are 'not good enough' in some way.

Or you may simply feel that you need a space to talk, in the strictest confidence, with someone who will listen to you fully, without judging you or your choices, without 'advising' you, telling you what to do, or telling you that you are ‘thinking about it all wrong'.

Whatever your personal reasons or current situation, I will provide a space for you to explore your feelings, your thoughts, and your experiences. A space where you can begin to see clearly where you are now and help you find ways in which you can move on; to find a way forward in your life that is right for you.

To learn more about whether counselling or psychotherapy may be right for you, read on to the 'About' page, or if you would like to make an enquiry about beginning sessions, please visit the contact section.


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